The Fabulous Four.

I got an invite from my BFF - and that's something to take seriously. Four times four questions - here it goes.

Four things I’ve done today:

+ Read this book from start to finish.
+ Walked along a windy beach.
+ Had ravioli from a tincan for lunch.
+ Talked to five different people on the phone.
Four things I long for:

+ Lying on a beach in South East Asia.

+ Dressing up as Frida Kahlo next Saturday at Hootchy Kootchy Club.
+ Getting in shape for Stockholm Marathon 2011. 
+ Christmas.
Four TV-shows I’m watching:

+ Grey's Anatomy (I pretend I'm Yang).
+ Seinfeld (I pretend I'm Elaine).
+ Gossip Girl (I pretend I'm Blair).
+ I Anneli (I know I'm Liket).
Four things I dislike

+ Bullies, regardless of age.
+ When people laugh at serious stuff 'cause they're scared.
+ Loosing a mitten.
+ Boiled eggs.
Four people I would like to see answer these questions next:

+ Tiger

Over and out!


Emily said...

Oh, det gick fort! Tack, fin läsning darlo! <3

Anna W said...

tack det samma du! :-)

Emeli said...

Vackert upplagt också.

Jag blev lite exalterad, en annan som inte gillar kokt ägg. Skall vi skapa en FB-grupp?

Anna W said...

lätt! alla andra verkar ju tycka att det är det godaste som finns, men jag tycker det är avskyvärt! :-)